About the CMMB

  • Subject to the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture’s approval, the Colorado Milk Marketing Board (CMMB) administers the Colorado Milk Marketing Order.
  • The Colorado Milk Marketing Board (CMMB) manages the quarterly Colorado Milk Marketing Board meetings which are open to the public and provide a venue for the discussion of issues to include and/or any proposed modifications to the Colorado Milk Marketing Order.
  • The CMMB receives, investigates, and refers violations to the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture for enforcement action if necessary (The CMMB has no independent disciplinary authority and works in conjunction with the Colorado Attorney General’s Office).
  • The CMMB does not set wholesale pricing or regulate retail dairy pricing in Colorado.
  • The CMMB conducts compliance audits of the wholesale dairy industry operating in the state of Colorado and manages the filing of wholesale prices by producers, handlers, and distributors as required by the Milk Order in Colorado.
  • CMMB responds to questions and concerns from the wholesale dairy industry concerning the Colorado Milk Order.