About Milk Orders

  • Issued by the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture in 1963 to control disorderly wholesale marketing and unfair competition that was harming producers and consumers.
  • The Colorado Milk Marketing Order does not set prices and does not apply to retail operations.
  • Requires producers, handlers, and distributors to file and post wholesale dairy product pricing in the State of Colorado. Prohibits sales of dairy products at non-posted prices also prohibits sales below cost.
  • Milk and Milk products are defined in the Colorado Milk Marketing Order and include a wide variety of products such as milk, flavored milks, reduced fat milk, buttermilk, eggnog, milk-cream mixtures, ice cream, ice cream mixes, sherbet, cottage cheese, sour cream and any similar substances, mixtures or compounds regardless of the name which they are sold (see Colorado Milk Order)
  • The Colorado Milk Marketing Order does not apply to dried milk, evaporated or condensed milk, dips, dressings, butter, yogurt, cheese or manufactured items containing milk which have been processed into a different form (see Colorado Milk Order).
  • Requires that all similarly situated wholesale customers be afforded uniform pricing. Discriminatory and predatory wholesale pricing is not allowed in the State of Colorado.